Your Summer Shape Up 2022 GRAND PRIZE

Your Summer Shape Up 2022 GRAND PRIZE

how to win!

Who will win the Summer Shape Up grand prize?

It could be you! Our Grand Prize Winner for Summer Shape Up will be the babe with the ultimate total body transformation who shows up for herself and Team LSF all 8 weeks of the challenge and shows us all how to be our best, most confident selves!

What’s Included?

Everything you could possibly need to celebrate your transformation and continue that momentum through the rest of the year!

$500 gift card to Amazon Fresh… for making those delicious, nourishing recipes!

$300 swimwear gift card—to show off all of your hard work!

1-year subscription in the LSF App: because you’re going to want to keep up on your workouts after your HUGE transformation!

LSF Plant Protein FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR. Stay fueled all fall and winter long!

Prize pack valued over $1,200

How do I win?

  • Take your “before” photos on day 1, so you’ll have some CRAZY transformation stories to share with us at the end! Find all the pro tips here.
  • Create an LSF Instagram account to engage with the #TeamLSF community and help support other amazing women—we’re in it together!
  • Follow @LoveSweatFitness + @TeamLSF on Instagram and make sure you’re tagging us in your daily #LSFRollCall! Don’t forget to use #LSFSummerShapeUp as well.
  • Submit a testimonial video at the end of the challenge so we can hear all about your incredible journey!

Can’t wait to start with you on June 13th!

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My 8 Week Total Body Summer Transformation Challenge

My 8 Week Total Body Summer Transformation Challenge

8 week total body transformation challenge

On June 13th my Summer Shape Up challenge is BACK!

Aren’t you tired of dreading summer? Feeling self-conscious about your body because you haven’t quite “hit your goal weight” yet?

I’ve been there, and I don’t want you to feel like that ever again! I transformed my body in less than 30 minutes a day and now it’s your turn!

8 Week Total Body Transformation Challenge

We’ll be working out together each day in the LSF app and following my step-by-step Summer Shape Up nutrition plan to guarantee you the BEST RESULTS in 8 weeks.

Some of the added benefits you’ll get when you join:

  • My best tips for healthy weight loss + building strength 
  • Opportunities to win insane prizes just for showing up 
  • Support & motivation from the entire #TeamLSF community along the way
  • LIVE workouts w/ me
  • Exclusive perks for those in my email and text club! 

Are you ready for your total body transformation?

I know it can seem so hard to make a change, but I need you to know you are worth it!

Whether your goal is to shed pounds, build strength, or get extra motivation to stay consistent with your routines, this 8-week transformation challenge is exactly what you need!

Your turn starts now!

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Motivational Wallpapers 2022 – Love Sweat Fitness

Motivational Wallpapers 2022 – Love Sweat Fitness

motivational wallpapers

We’re halfway through the 2022 Spring Slim Down fitness challenge and right about now is when you’ve got to dig deep to push it to the end. Committing 8 weeks to daily workouts, healthy eating, and crushing your goals isn’t easy. If it was, everyone would do it. It takes dedication, drive, and a whole lot of support. Our #TeamLSF community is here to encourage you every step of the way, but these motivational wallpapers can help too!

SSD 2022 Motivational Wallpapers

Anytime you need a little extra little push, these will help get you through.All you have to do is download these wallpapers and save then to your camera roll. Then head to your settings to update your wallpaper and home screen to your favorite motivational wallpapers.

Motivation doesn’t just happen. You have to work for it. It comes in two very specific ways. First, setting small goals and accomplishing them is SUPER motivating. Second, surrounding yourself with people, pictures, words, or anything else that inspires you to work on your goals. Make sure you’re following Katie on instagram and our community page, @TeamLSF to get even more daily inspo.

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